About Us

         Started in 1991s Hot'n'Cool is part of the transformation of GCC evolving into a large chain of restaurants. At Hot 'n' Cool restaurants, We believe in bringing you delicious traditional flavours in elegant and comfortable environment. We are known for our courteous and prompt service quality and attentiveness that brings back thousands of our customers time and again.


          With over 38 restaurants across GCC, our menu is made of freshest meats, poultry, seafood and produce the experience at each of our restaurants is unparalleled. Every location of our group is a high energy, busy place. Whether you are a regular or a first time visitor at any of our restaurants, the service is always the same professional and efficient.


          Each of our restaurant is compliant by the muncipality and labour laws. High quality of food and our hospitality of our staff is of utmost importance for us and that keep us on top of our business we serve authentic Arabic Chinese Italian and Indian delicacies along with varieties of tea and juices to the people of GCC, Visit and experience it yourself.

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